Course curriculum

  • 1
    Marketing Law
    • Financial services advertising law
    • Financial services advertising powerpoints
    • Financial services advertising comments
    • Marketing Compliance Guide October 2021
  • 2
    Website regulation
    • Financial services website regulation
    • Website regulation comments
  • 3
    Marketing checklists
    • Bright Law Advertising_Checklist_revised_April2016
    • Bright Law Financial Services Website Compliance Review Form February 2014
  • 4
    Technology and social media use policy
    • Technology and social media use policy
  • 5
    Marketing risk governance policy
    • Marketing risk governance policy

Course description

2 Videos: one about ASIC's approach to financial services advertising and examples (44 minutes) and one about websites (8 minutes).

Also a Marketing Compliance Guide as at October 2021.

The course includes checklists for advertising and websites as well as draft policies.

It is suitable for marketing managers as well as compliance officers.